Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Huge number of collaborative programs offering hands-on learning combined with a more practical approach makes Canada one of the best destinations to pursue tertiary education overseas. The Canadian institutions offer tailored programs, and these courses may differ from campus to campus, but the ultimate goal is to provide services & support to ensure success of the students.

One more reason that makes Canada a dream education destination is that it enables international students holding a Canadian degree can work across the globe in highly reputable jobs.

Various specialization programs under diploma, degree, and post graduate diploma are offered at around 250 institutions nationwide and, tuition is generally much lower than in other leading study abroad countries. Students can pursue their studies at one of Canada's top universities for roughly half of what it would cost to attend an equally reputable program in any other country of the world.

International students can expect to be assisted in their university studies by such resources and services as orientation sessions, support programs, academic advising, prayer rooms, safe walk programs, student clubs, and assistance with medical concerns or housing issues.

International students can often work while they study and take advantage of many cooperative education and internship opportunities.

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